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How To Find A Niche Within a Niche In Your Life

Are you struggling to fit in in your own life? This week we take a look at how to find your niche and we dig deeper by exploring the idea of how to find your niche within a niche in your own life. We explore some of my life stories on how I found my own niche in my business and in my personal life. Having a niche means choosing something you are passionate about, an area of focus, so that you can learn to own who you are and stand out in your life and your business. I discuss how to niche down on YouTube and what having a niche within a niche will look like for the future of this YouTube channel. Hint: It’ll look like lessons learned from plants and applied to life coaching and personal development. In this video, I discuss what a niche is, how to find a niche in the market and what finding a niche like a profession looks like.

Peace and love,


Sara Dalton Coaching

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