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We All Deserve a Chance to Bloom

We all deserve the chance to bloom. Orchid flower spikes grow slowly starting as a small formation on the orchid stem. The flower spike takes a few months to develop, and the buds on this #miniphalaenopsis open gradually one at a time. For a few weeks all of the flowers will be open at the same time. Beautiful! It takes time and patience. Beauty forms over time. Growth develops into something beautiful. A beautiful life doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and inner strength to discover, develop, grow and bloom into #yourbeautifullife !!

Contrary to popular belief, orchids don’t die after their blooms fade. Yes, after a month or so, the flowers fade and fall off and the flower spike dries up. But that doesn’t mean the orchid is dead. It’s very much alive! After the blooms are spent, the orchid starts growing new leaves from the crown and new roots to support the next round of flowering and it will rebloom the following year starting at a new point a node or two above on the stem from where the last flower spike was. And the cycle repeats.

Something is always happening in life. Change is a constant.

If we don’t care for our orchids or ourselves properly, then they may lose their root systems, the crown could rot, or the buds may blast (not open). Taking care of yourself is no different.

An orchid grown in cultivation needs support from their grower to live, survive and thrive. We need the same support to thrive in our own lives. Sometimes we need a leader to point us in the right direction.

I am an avid orchid grower. I’m also a personal coach - a leader or life guide. I’d love to connect with you to support you on your journey to grow into your best life. Let's inspire each other and bloom and grow together.

Peace and love,


Sara Dalton Coaching

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